• Created in 2011, Café Esperanza is a proprietary blend of Central & South American 100% Arabica beans. Each time you purchase Cafe Esperanza you help homeless veterans get back on their feet. In fact, they are involved in helping to fulfill your order! Read More
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A Great Addition to Your Fundraising Plans

It’s local! It’s delicious! It supports your organization and many others!
We offer a fundraising program through which Café Esperanza can help support your school, church, sports team, band, scout troop, or any organization. Café Esperanza is a local, quality, socially conscious product and a sound fundraising option for your organization — it’s a refreshing alternative to asking your volunteers to sell candy bars, magazine subscriptions, or wrapping paper.

We offer Café Esperanza coffee in 12 oz. re-sealable bags and teas in 3.5 oz. beautiful storage tins at a special price for fundraising; your supporters can sell bags of Café Esperanza in whole beans or as ground coffee or tea at a price you determine. Your organization keeps 100% of the difference and the best part is you can add a personalized label!

How does it work?
STEP 1: Sign up for our custom labels at: http://cafe-esperanza.labelwerks.com
STEP 2: Create your own label with our online design tool. Provide your label design graphic or pick from one of our 60+ templates. http://cafeesperanza.labelwerks.com

Please note: You will need to sign-up for a username and password, which you will receive in 24 hours or your sales representative will supply you one.
STEP 3: Order your Café Esperanza coffee or tea with your sales representative or online at: https://cafe-esperanza.myshopify.com
Please note: Click order (minimum order is 48 coffee bags or 36 tea tins and receive within 5-10 business days. There will be an $12.00 delivery charge per order.

Our fundraising programs are designed with you, the organizer in mind. Our goal is make your fundraiser profitable for you!

Product  Quantity Your cost per bag/tin  Your suggested sales
price per bag/tin 
Your profits 
Medium Roast 100% Arabica
Whole Beans (12 oz.)
 100  $8.50  $11.00  $250.00
 Especial House Blend
(12 oz. ground)
 100  $7.50  $10.00  $250.00
 Tea (3.5 oz. tin) 
Choice of Variety
 100  $7.50  $10.00  $250.00

 ** Save $1.00 each bag or tin with a non-custom label order **

Sales Forms (Click to Download) - Custom Label Sales Sheet | Custom Label Order Form | Kids Fundraiser Sales Sheet

For sales information, contact John Strawn at 480-274-0139.